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Oils for Pregnancy, Labor & Delivery

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Oils for labor and delivery
Author: Jessica Mesa, AZ, United States

Many people have asked me which oils I choose to have on hand at a birth, here is my list.

ROSE, Just heavenly oil that changes the feeling in the room the minute it is opened! Clary Sage, I have been to births in the last year and Clary Sage is
THE definitive 'best for labor' oil you will ever find, IMO. I will be diffusing Bergamot and any other citrus oil that smells good to me at the time.

I LOVE the emotional oils in labor! Grounding, Gathering, JOY, Present Time, Believe, Harmony, Sacred Mountain, White Angelica and of course, VALOR are the oils I will have on hand this time, as they have 'called' to me a lot lately! *grin*

Peppermint oil rubbed low on the back is SUPERIOR for back labor! Back labor usually means baby is turned posterior, and we have found that baby will turn AWAY from the peppermint oil, thus alleviating the pain of back labor! And, OF COURSE, LAVENDER! We do leg massages with it, and everyone is in heaven, not the least of which is mom! *grin* Hope this helps!

Lavender oil relaxes during labor & delivery

Author: Jessica Apple Valley, MN, United States

I had the opportunity to be with a friend while she was birthing her twin girls. She was only 29 weeks pregnant when she went into preterm labor and very scared about the outcome. She was in a considerable amount of pain, especially in her back. I was able to use the lavender oil and focused on her feet, lower back, forehead, and neck between contractions. This really seemed to relax her and helped her stay focused. I witnessed the most amazing thing in my life, a natural birth of two beautiful baby girls. God places us in situations where we least expect to be, but I have been blessed by this experience. Today I see life differently. Thank you, Nate, for introducing me to Young Living Essential Oils. It makes a remarkable impact on this woman's birthing experience.

Pregnancy and Labor - Gentle Baby, Peace & Calming
Author: Scarlet Nashville, TN, United States

I used essential oils during my labors and both my children were born naturally at home. I inhaled Peace and Calming and Gentle Baby (not mixed) to ease me when my contractions got tough and refocus me on my breathing. I also used Gentle Baby topically on my belly while I was pregnant to prevent stretch marks along with cocoa butter. The peppermint I used during pregnancy and during labor by inhalation to ease nausea and increase oxygen intake. I also used a drop of peppermint in my tea to soothe digestion when needed. A drop of lemon in water was useful for soothing heartburn during my pregnancy.

Frankincense and Myrrh for childbirth
Author: Tiffany Little Rock, AR, United States

First of all, thank you to Heavenly Father for Dr. Gary Young and thanks to the person(s) who began this website for us.

I wanted to have the 'Jesus birth' after hearing Dr. Young describe how he delivered Jacob, his first son with Mary, using Frankincense and Myrrh.

During my pregnancy, I swallowed lemon oil by capsule (10 drops in a capsule once a day) for Urinary Tract infections and I swallowed peppermint oil by capsule (same regimen, but peppermint in morning and lemon at night) for Group Beta Strep.

We had bought the Essence of the Season kit to have on hand for the birth. We enjoyed the oils and resins so much that we had to buy another kit. We put a tea lite candle in the bottom of a tin cup, covered the rim with foil creating a shallow well, placed about two teaspoons of water in the well and crushed up a resin rock of frankincense in the water. We just kept adding water as it evaporated down. The smell in the house was so earthy and comforting. We all felt so mellow. Since the Essential Oils Desk Reference lists frankincense for depression, we decided to use it burning over the tin cup during the birth. Everyone in the room (husband, midwife and nurse) was calm during the labor.

This would be the first recorded essential oil pregnancy and birth in Arkansas. Many midwives were eager to attend.

About an hour before I anticipated delivering, since the contractions were about 2-3 minutes apart, I went to the bathroom and applied myrrh oil on my perineum for elasticity.

I had back labor as well as abdominal labor so I was kneeling on the floor with my upper body leaning across the foot of the bed. When the back labor became too unbearable, I generously dotted the bottle of frankincense to my lower back. The next contraction was amazing! I deeply inhaled the aroma still left on my hands and felt a higher spiritual focus I've never experienced before. I don't have the vocabulary to express it. The pain was SO minimal that I generously dotted it to my abdomen as well. At this point we moved on top of the bed. This was my sixth birth and I've never been able to deliver in bed!

We instructed the midwife to call in the older kids to witness the birth when the baby was crowing. When she did call in the kids, I didn't believe her because my cervix didn't have the intense stinging feeling right at the end of labor like it had with my other deliveries. This was the signal I was looking for that would indicate to me that 'this is almost over'.

This is the first pregnancy in which I didn't require a petocin shot to help my uterus clamp and contract back down after delivery. I didn't hemorrhage this time either. For the next few days, I dotted frankincense on the painful areas each time contractions occurred. The desk reference lists frankincense to help clot blood which is why I did this.

A few minutes after our daughter was born, my husband anointed her entire body with frankincense and smoothed it in. We applied one drop of Myrrh to her cord daily and it dried up the next day and separated from the belly button. By day five it had fallen off.

My midwife visited me the morning after the birth. She was amazed at the oils and couldn't believe how dried up the baby's cord looked. She asked me what I felt during the transition of labor when I applied frankincense. I repeated this conversation I had with my ten year old son:

Son, 'Mom, how come you never screamed?'

(To back up here...we had prepared the children with activities for a long day of waiting the time of crowning when they would be allowed in to witness the birth of their youngest sister. They were told that I would be all right and that the loud sounds I would make were normal for a large baby coming out of a small hole in my body. They knew to listen for moaning, then louder moaning and it would only be another 20 minutes or less before they would get to come in when I began screaming.) So back to our conversation.

Mom, 'What do you mean?'

Son, 'You said we would get to come in when you were screaming. You never screamed.' I thought, 'Yep. I never did. My cervix never stung. I never felt more than a 7 on a pain scale of 1-10. THAT FRANKINCENSE IS SOOOO AMAZING!'

So I wonder. Did Jesus' mother, Mary, feel this higher level of spiritual focus too? Did she feel minimal pain too? Did her birth attendants feel calm and focused?

I now tell everyone to get pregnant again just to experience the 'Jesus birth' with frankincense and myrrh. My midwife was so amazed that she has purchased these oils to have on hand and other mothers have experienced this too.

Myrrh for stretch marks and labor/delivery
Author: Raina Colorado Springs, CO, United States

I used Myrrh during the delivery of my daughter and had very little tearing. The midwife also used V6 massage oil instead of mineral oil (or baby shampoo - ouch!) as the baby was crowning.

I continue to use the Myrrh on my stretch marks and the redness is greatly reduced and they are looking much better, only 2 months after the birth.

Peppermint was my best friend during pregnancy!
Author: Fe San Francisco, CA, United States

Besides myself and my amazing husband, peppermint was my very dear and loyal friend during pregnancy.

I had ALL the symptoms that any book can describe: morning sickness, headaches, dizziness, very sensitive to smells, lack of energy, weird stomach and so on. I have to tell you, if you are pregnant or you know someone who is blessed by this process, do yourself/herself a favor and get a bottle or even two bottles of Peppermint right away! It help me with Anything, even when the day was hot, I will rub it at the soles of my feet and aahhhhh! I will be completely refreshed.

I was able to forget whatever at home, but never my Peppermint oil.

My breached baby turned with peppermint

Author: Jessica Mesa, AZ, United States

During my fourth pregnancy, I had some bleeding issues at about 32 weeks. Maren the baby, was annoying the placenta and I was bleeding because of it. At the time, I really struggled with what to do to help her move away so it could heal. I finally settled on Peppermint oil!

Earlier in the pregnancy, she would engage her head in my cervix SO much that I could not walk for the sciatic pain...and I would rub peppermint LOW on my belly, and she'd move up enough for me to be comfortable. So I did it again when I needed her to move away from the placenta. Again...worked GREAT, BUT, she turned FRANK BREACH instead of just moving a bit. So, I have had a baby head in my LIVER *grin* for about five weeks, let me tell you, quite uncomfortable! *laughing*

Last night, I decided to communicate with her again that it was time to move BACK to head down, so we can get this show on the ROAD *grin* and decided once again to use peppermint oil. I put it all over the top of my belly, and went to bed. Let me clarify for you that there was NO DOUBT that she was breach. Her HEAD was in my stomach...hard as a ROCK! This morning, at my doctors' appointment, she is once again head down, engaged. ALL BECAUSE OF PEPPERMINT OIL!! What a blessing these oils are! Just wanted to share!

Ylang Ylang for calming while pregnant
Author: Mary Fulton, NY, United States

While going through pregnancy I have been using Ylang, Ylang to help calm my nerves and have had great results.

Restless leg syndrome remedy
Author: Joan Ann Arbor, MI, United States

I've had mild restless leg syndrome since my 1st pregnancy. It drove me crazy. I find that if I rub wintergreen on my feet, within 5 minutes the restless leg is decreased quite a bit. For some reason, taking beta-carotene and iron helps too.

Gentle Baby For pregnancy
Author: Mary Fulton, NY, United States

I have been applying Gentle Baby to my stomach 3 times a week since I got pregnant and it has helped with over all stomach comfort.

Peppermint for nausea
Author: Carol Conroe, TX, United States

Nausea due to pregnancy is what my friend was dealing with. She would get sick at her stomach after every meal. I suggested over lunch that she try the peppermint oil at the onset of becoming sick. After she ate lunch she started feeling sick. I gave her the peppermint oil and she sniffed it first, then she put a small dab of oil under her nostrils. It took less than a minute and she excitedly said the nausea is gone!

Postpartum depression and suicidal thoughts

Author: Ysha Gainesville, FL, United States

My work is with women after childbirth. When added the basic depression protocol which uses valor, harmony, joy and white angelica oil blends to my care for women who were slipping into depression but not yet on meds, I find they are able to work with the other needed measures more clearly, their spirits change in MINUTES, and of course they LOVE the oils. I always carry them with me for client work. Some women just need one application; many want their own and use them several times a day or have me use them every time I give their postpartum home spa care program.

I have seen dramatic results with the two suicidal clients also who came to me. One was postpartum, the other an older professional artist.

Blurry vision in pregnancy gone with NingXia Red
Author: Tracy Virginia Beach, VA, United States

Today, I received my NingXia Red enrollment kit. I'm pregnant, and for several weeks my vision has been blurry, which is perfectly normal, but a bit annoying.

I opened the box, and started reading the booklet, struggling a bit to see. As I read, I opened up a single serving and consumed my first serving NingXia Red. By the time I finished up the booklet, I was seeing fine again.

I drove to my meditation group, and it was like years ago, much less three months, before I became pregnant. I could read every road sign clearly, at night. I can see clearly again!

I'd read a lot about the Wolfberry and its impact on vision, but I really was not expecting this! It will bring on some interesting research into what the cause of the blurs has been all of these years!

Heart murmur vanished
Author: Harriett Port Clements, British Columbia, Canada

I was diagnosed in my teens as having a heart murmur. During my first pregnancy my doctor was so concerned about the murmur that he scheduled me for prenatal checkups every two weeks, and once a week during the last month.

Then in late 1999 I started using Young Living oils because I was a heavy smoker and suffered from smokers cough and headaches. I don't even remember which oils I started with, but I discovered several months later that the bumpy, uneven heartbeat that was a symptom of my heart murmur was gone!

Nowadays the only time I get a ragged heartbeat is if I overdo it on caffeine, and ylang ylang rubbed over my heart smoothes it out within minutes. I am also happy to say that I quit smoking 5 years ago.

Baby turned from transverse position
Author: Lucy Wayzata, MN, United States

I was 35 weeks pregnant with baby #3, and the baby was still transverse. My doctor scheduled a follow up appointment for 36 weeks, and if the baby hadn't turned by that point, she would schedule a 37 week hospital procedure to attempt to manually turn the baby.

I went home and read a testimonial on this website, and one from the book 'Gentle Babies' by Debra Raybern, on how to get a baby to turn from a transverse position to a head-down position. Based upon what I read, I applied YL peppermint oil in a rainbow type shape over my belly right before I went to bed that night. The next morning I woke up, and immediately could tell that the baby had changed position. I just got back from my 36 week prenatal appointment, and the doctor confirmed that the baby is head-down and engaged.

Postpartum depression
Author: Kelli Sandwich, IL, United States

After giving birth I fell into severe depression for several months. It was bad. Real bad. My hormones were so out of whack, it was scary. Worse of all, I didn't understand what was going on at that time. I just knew what I was experiencing, and it was bad. Years later I learned a bit more, and that the Omega Blue, essential fatty acids (omega 3,6,9) would have helped tremendously.

But what I did do at the time was talk with another oiler/health practitioner. She recommended that I use Magnify Your Purpose oil blend four times a day internally and topically for as long as I needed to. I used empty veggie caps to put the oil in, then took internally four times a day. I put the oil on my chest, wrists, and belly. Within just a couple weeks I noticed a significant improvement. I also was using other oils throughout the time, the oils I was 'drawn' to. I kept oiling. I took time to experience the oils, and at the same time, I took time to relax. The oils were the roadway OUT of severe postpartum depression.

It took a while to get fully on track. NingXia Red helped tremendously as well.

Labor induction with SclarEssence and acupuncture

Author: Susan Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

I regularly use Acupuncture to induce labor when the baby is overdue and I have a success rate of around 70% . I recently treated a client who came in for 3 induction treatments over 4 days. Chemical induction was booked for 5 days time and my client was very reluctant to have that procedure. The day of the third acupuncture treatment she had seen her obstetrician that morning, and though her cervix was soft, there was no sign that the baby was ready to move.

With the client's permission, while the needles were in I massaged her feet with 3 drops of SclarEssence. After massaging her feet she felt a sensation which she thought may have been the start of a contraction. On standing up at the end of the treatment she definitely had another contraction. We crossed our fingers and the next day I was so happy to receive an email letting me know that she had delivered a healthy baby girl at 8.45pm the previous night, only 6 hours after her treatment! What a wonderful result!

Next time I'll be using the SclarEssence immediately as I'm certain it assisted the efficacy of the acupuncture and my client's own process.

Morning sickness and Berry Young Juice
Author: Laina Celina, TX, United States

My daughter is pregnant and struggling with morning sickness. She said that the main thing that helps her is the Berry Young Juice. Even though she is still having problems holding food down, when she loses it she runs for the Berry Young juice and sips a little with water. It calms her down immediately and takes away that nasty taste in her mouth and throat.

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